When I graduated from AES I was prepared for College and University academic demands. I knew how to write a term paper having written multiple papers every semester from the 10th grade. I knew Turabian annotation. I was provided access to highly qualified, very experienced, knowledgeable and giving teachers. Those teachers exposed me to advanced literature, science, math, drama, and a wide variety of cultural and political thought. These experiences continue to serve me to this very day. I have never had a better teacher than Dr. Ault! I went on the first mini-courses offered by AES. We were the second group of Americans to enter Bhutan! I made friends I have to this day. Friends from a variety of countries and cultures. We participated in an exceptional and unequalled drama program. We attended programs featuring amazing speakers and performers from all over the world. When I entered University I was easily three years ahead of my U.S educated peers. I would add that I was not an exceptional student in my class. Many of my classmates were far academically superior.

Scott Charles Robinson, Alumni

AES, which was AIS when I went there, was the capstone to a life in international schools to that point, and the most superb. Dedicated to having us understand where were were in place and time, AIS teachers exposed us to what it meant to live in and appreciate India. Our humanities course in our senior year, for example, had two of our teachers, Mrs. Brown and Mr. Shepherd, bringing in an Indian artist who worked with paint and sand to talk about and show us his techniques, and then we all painted our own masterpieces. When we studied architecture we went to Chandigarh for 3 days, and so on. We all took Indian Civilization, and many of us took at least enough Hindi to chatter in the markets. In 2019, over 40 alums went back to India for the 50th anniversary of the graduation of the class of 1969, and were welcomed back to the school with open arms. Thank you AIS/AES!

Tine Thuermer, Alumni

I was a 9th-grade student at AIS during the 1967-1968 school year. That year was hands-down the most influential in my childhood development. Friendships that I made then had been nurtured to this day, and experiences that I had in India have helped form me. The academic stimulation of AIS opened windows in my intellectual development that have enriched my to this day. One result of my time in Delhi was that I chose to become a U.S. diplomat, a career that I followed for 36 years before my retirement in 2016. During that period, I worked in Delhi twice, 1981-1982 and 2006-2009. During the latter period, I my two daughters attended AES and I was a member of the AES Board of Directors.

Peter Kaestner, Alumni

AIS was one of the best educational experiences of my life, not only in terms of education, but even more so in terms of cultural education and exposure. During my time there, the school was heavily populated by Indian and international students from all over the world.

Eric Hols, Alumni


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