Arts at AES

Students playing strings with a conductor

The arts offer us beauty and a truer way to see the world.

We approach the arts like every other discipline at AES, with a growth mindset that allows students to try, risk, revise, improvise, excel.

It begins with artistic exploration for our youngest learners, and the opportunities only expand until we launch graduates whose artistry and performance skill find expression for a lifetime in all they do. So, bring your curiosity and fumbling fingers, your creativity, your carpentry, your drama, your love of theatre, music and art, your hours of practice, your harmonies and your imagination to the studio and the stage at AES. Our program and your passion deserve each other. 

Explore the Arts at AES

AES High School Fall Theater Show 2021 - Juno Steel and the Case of the Murderous Mask


Visiting Artist Series

Inspiring our community is what the visiting artist series is all about.

Working across all three divisions, with students, teachers and families, the series brings professional artists to our campus to share their passion for the arts.

Our goal is to offer intensive, interactive opportunities to learn from brilliant and creative experts.

The visiting artists series brings practitioners and educators from around the world to teach specialist skills through workshops to our classes, and to perform concerts for our students.  Artists have included dancers, illustrators, jazz musicians, violin virtuosos, conductors, stand up comedians, spoken word poets, rock bands, storytellers, puppeteers, actors, aerialists, theatre troupes, blues singers and piano prodigies!

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