School Governance

Welcome! We are the Board of Governors for the American Embassy School in New Delhi.

The Board of Governors is responsible for making sure the American Embassy School, New Delhi lives up to its mission to encourage the joyful pursuit of excellence in all aspects of a student’s education. The Board does this by setting the strategic vision for the School and creating school policies to turn that vision into practice. The Board also hires the School Director, approves budgets and fees, and oversees other fiduciary aspects of the School.

The Board has nine voting members who serve two-year terms with an option to continue for a third year. They are elected by the School’s Association, which includes all parents and faculty. The Board also has two additional members appointed by the US Ambassador. The School Director serves as an ex-officio Board member as well. 

Community Board meetings and Association meetings are held throughout the year. Agendas are posted in advance of each meeting, and minutes are published afterwards—all on the website.