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Welcome to the American Embassy School, New Delhi

At the American Embassy School, we are inspired by our students.  They are our most precious resource, our guiding lights, and our motivation. I visited the campus the first time in 2019, and I was introduced to many of these remarkable students, and have found myself continuing to reflect on their words.  I was astounded by their focus on being the best versions of themselves while thinking about their contributions to their school and to the world.  Our students push us to pull together, collaborate and engage in healthy, productive relationships throughout all of our organization.

Almost 70 years ago, the American Embassy School was established to serve the expatriate and diplomatic community in New Delhi.  That service to the community has continued these many years. It has expanded to be known as an educational institution that stands behind the motto “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve.”  It is with that in mind that I joined the AES team.  My 30 plus years working in schools and leading teams to build excellent educational programs have allowed me to learn and reflect on the many challenges we have faced in education over these past three decades.  When I began my career, the mere idea of a school filled with computers was just a dream. We did not have the insights nor ideas of what the world wide web would ever be, and thought of learning in distance education modes was utterly impossible.  A few years ago, a multi-person video conference was a resource only available to just a few.  The scope of change has been profound and, at times, breathtaking. The beauty of the AES program is that it and the school have thrived.

With this history and the strengths founded in the community values, the mission and the school’s focus on our culture of belonging will drive us all forward through the next 70 years, and to continual renewal and improvement.  I hope you can join us at AES.  I think you will be impressed by our beautiful campus, and highly qualified faculty and staff, and I know you will be impressed with our dynamic students.  When you visit you will enter a space where children are known and valued as learners, where exceptional educators co-design learning experiences each day that challenge children to reach their highest potential, and where each and every member of our school community joyfully pursues excellence in their own educational journey.

Andrew S. Torris, Ed.D. - Director

Messages from the Director

Writing to me has been an opportunity for personal reflection. Years ago, I started a personal blog that allowed me the time and space just to use words to reflect on my own personal and professional journey.  Here today, I hope to start a space for my reflections about the continued development of the American Embassy School and the unique experience of leading such a remarkable school.  These are my letters to the AES community.

Andrew Torris, Ed. D.

Positive Community- What is it?

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members" - Coretta Scott King

Director's Thoughts

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    About Dr. Torris:

    Dr. Andrew Torris joined the American Embassy School community in July of 2020 as the school's director.
    Andy’s international school experience began in 2001 in his first posting at Yanbu International School in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. In 2005 he assumed a primary principal role at Shanghai American School, and during his nine years at SAS, he was also a middle school principal and the deputy superintendent.  In 2014 Andy was appointed to be the director at the Universal American School in Dubai, where he served four years.  Additionally, Andy served as the founding Head of School at Avenues: The World School-Shenzhen in Shenzhen, China.
    Andy began his educational career in his home state of Oregon in 1986. He first served as an elementary classroom teacher for nine years before being promoted to be an assistant principal.  In the 30 plus years in education, he has worked in elementary, middle school, high school, and university levels.
    Andy has a BS in Elementary Education from Eastern Oregon State University, an MA in Teaching from Pacific University, and an Ed.D from the Nova Southeastern University of Florida. Additionally, Andy attended Lewis and Clark College, where he obtained a special certificate in educational leadership. Andy holds educational credentials from the State of Oregon in Elementary Education, K-12 reading, and school administration.
    Andy is the proud father of 4 amazing children, two of whom are AES students.  He is married to fellow AES educator Amanda DeCardy.