Letters to the Community #6

Andrew Torris, Ed. D.

Positive Community- What is it?

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Coretta Scott King

So much is said in school circles about the importance of maintaining a positive community, and this made me wonder what exactly that means.  

Our leadership team, our teachers, and our students all frequently share that it is the concept of "community" that makes AES special. They talk about support, friendships, and a common focus. 

To me, the greatness of our community is founded on the compassion we hold for each other. I see this more and more evident as we move through the pandemic. It is in the tone of the discourse, even in our disagreements. Compassion and care are where AES comes from each other and indeed for the city and country in which we live.

I look forward to engaging with our community more this year in face-to-face settings and building on the relationships we nurtured in the online environments last year.  

Here is to an incredible 21-22 school year!