Letters to the Community #4

Andrew Torris, Ed.D.


Dear AES Community,

This is now my fourth letter to you.  Today, I ask you to think about our future.

2020 has been quite a year!  

Now that I have that small understatement out of the way, let me get to the point. 

We’ve been through a lot of “stuff” this year. My family and I were talking last week about what exactly we did last year for our winter holiday.  I reminded them that we took our vacation in the United States because we were not planning on spending any further time there except for a quick trip over the summer.  We were anticipating moving to India, settling into our new home, and making the most of the travel opportunities we would have in this glorious country.  Needless to say that plan evaporated in late January and the rest is history!  But enough about that!

Balance the Future with our Past and Present

As we head into the last month of this gloriously auspicious year—one we will never forget, I ask that we all spend at least half as much time thinking about the future in balance to the present and the past.  No better to do so than to make some positivity happen at AES.  I hope we can, for the good of all of us, look for ways to participate in #DoGoodDecember.  See the calendar below.


December calendar with kindness tasks for each day

Action For Happiness

Actionforhappiness.org is a wonderful organization.  

Action for Happiness is a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society. Their aim is to “bring together like-minded people from all walks of life and help them take practical action, drawing on the latest scientific research. We are  backed by leading experts from diverse fields including psychology, education, economics and social innovation. Members of the movement make a simple pledge: to try to create more happiness in the world around them. We provide ideas and resources to enable people to take action at home, at work or in their community. Many of our members form local groups to take action together. We have no religious, political or commercial affiliations and welcome people of all faiths (or none) and all parts of society”.

Actionforhappiness.org was  founded in 2010 by Richard LayardGeoff Mulgan and Anthony Seldon. Their patron is the Dalai Lama.

Please print off this calendar for December.  Make #DoGoodDecember a reality.   Bernadette Russell wrote in September of this year, “If we can pay attention to what helps us to foster a more resilient and positive attitude in our day-to-day, this can become a kind of bedrock to help to keep us hopeful, whatever comes our way. One thing that really helps me is allowing myself to appreciate the beauty in the world around us, at every opportunity”.   As I see it our #AESDelhi #DoGoodDecember could bring this very important year of our lives to a positive close.

Be safe. Be well.  Keep being amazing AES!