Letters to the Community #2

Andrew Torris, Ed.D.

Dear AES Community members:

This is the second installment of my letters to the community.  I hope you enjoyed my first set of thoughts, and this week I am incorporating an audio podcast version of the letter.  

I am doing the recording because I have read that more and more people are relying on podcasts as their primary source of information and inspiration.  I, too, have rediscovered podcasts in the last couple of years and rely upon the podcasters to make my life a little easier, more informed, and more inspired.  I hope this can be the same for you.

How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.

I was listening to visiting author Laurie Halse Anderson last week talk about her grandchildren having some “big feels,” which seem to be much bigger than usual, it seems.

At this time, when we have been “stuck” at home with the ones we love, those big feelings seem to come out of hiding in more significant ways.  Those little feelings become big feelings quickly when we don’t get a chance to give them some exercise. It is as if some of our emotions have been stuck at home and ordering an extra-large pizza every day for seven months.  Boy, are those feelings big and super slow to change direction! I attribute it to the fact that those pesky emotions have not been getting out much lately!  Those emotions seem to be suffering from lack of exercise, poor sleep habits, and having only minor distractions such as binging on Netflix or games on their devices.  My emotions have, on occasion in these past months, been at the very surface too.  I caught myself getting teared up over a comedy show I had been watching the other day.  My kids were concerned that I had lost it.

Keep your circle positive.  Speak good words.  Think good thoughts.  Do good deeds.

So now. 

More than ever, it seems, our words mean something.

In these challenging times, our support and actions for others are vital. We must seek to build up others. We need to help each other feel important, feel empowered, and feel supported.

Let’s help our children, friends, and ourselves realize that each person we meet is on a journey.  That journey is their own, and we will never honestly know or understand the journey that the person is experiencing.  What is clear, though, is that each person we meet right now needs a boost. 

I hope that the AES community supports that idea.  Supports each other and builds all of its members up!  So please, let’s keep our circle positive. Speak good words. Think good thoughts and most certainly do good deeds, for it is how you make others feel about themselves that says a lot about you.

I hope you have a wonderful week!