A recent conversation with a young, thriving AES alumnus demonstrates the power of an AES education.

This alumnus was surprised to hear from friends, who graduated from other top performing schools in Delhi and elsewhere, that they remembered the pursuit of achievement, the pressure to perform but couldn’t remember many specific people, places, or details; that they didn't recall much joy. 

A big contrast to what our AES alumnus remembers: He says he remembers every single day. He remembers the classes, the labs, the teachers, the positive emotions, the names, the friends, the faces. He remembers every corner of the AES campus, including the classrooms which felt personal and rich. 

We’ve all read stories that we quickly forgot or that we’d rather forget. But our children’s international adventures, their friendships and mentors, all the sensory wonders of India and campus, their sense of belonging to our AES family—all are foundational memories we want them to carry for a lifetime. 


Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve. Joyfully.  

The AES story makes an imprint on people because we believe excellence in education and service are joyful pursuits. And joy creates an environment in the heart and mind that makes both the experience and the learning stick for a lifetime. 

That’s the story that matters to us, and we’re sticking with it: we, and thousands of AES alumni the world over. 

Boy student smiling and wearing his national costume
Highschool students celebrating Holi at school

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It is only a success story if the child inside it thrives.

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