Service Learning

Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.

AES Motto

India is a profound place to learn to serve. By the time our students leave or graduate, they have walked the streets of Delhi, experienced the gifts of the stranger, built local friendships, worked with humanitarian organizations, and gathered the capacities to investigate, act, and reflect in the caring for the real needs of others.

Creating a Culture of Service Learning

A Whole-School Approach  

 Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.  

Nowhere is this more important than in our whole-school integrated approach to service learning. Service learning lives both in our K–12 academic curriculum and in our co-curricular programming. In both instances, we believe in promoting an independent student-directed approach.

Benefit to the Student:

We aspire to use service and service learning to develop in our students the practices of inquiry, action, and reflection—whether that be in the context of school life or beyond. We believe these transferable practices will guide our students to become empathetic, problem-solving global citizens who will consistently work to make the world a more equitable, peaceful place. 


Benefit to the Community: 

AES has a long history of serving our local and global communities. We aspire to strengthen, deepen, and transform these efforts—building and nurturing community relationships that help us learn more about and address the most authentic needs of our local and global communities. 

Divisional Descriptions

Service Highlights

  • Blind Relief Volunteers are making audio books.
  • PAWS is working on zoom training for students on how to treat animals.
  • Teach India is working with the NGO Chintan, teaching 32 underprivileged children every week via zoom.
  • Hope Foundation members are making a video that is health related (mental health, COVID-19) to send out to Tigri students.
  • Rights for Children members are creating games and worksheets to share with children of the Sanjay camp.
  • Reach Out members are preparing biweekly paper booklets to be handed to kids at the Vivekanand camp.
  • Tamana members are creating videos for tutorials on basic life skills to be shared with the Tamana school kids.