Professional Learning

When Teachers are Learning, Students are Learning

Being of a growth mind-set is a hallmark of the AES experience. We believe that we are all teachers and learners and that this is the key to continuous improvement for teachers and for improved success for students. Professional learning, otherwise known as professional development (PD) is integrated into the day-to-day lives of everyone who works at AES.  

How We Do Professional Development

  • Twice a year we have two back-to-back professional learning days when teachers and staff are engaged in learning that supports school-wide initiatives, accreditation goals, community wellness, and a culture of belonging. 
  • The Teaching and Learning team brings consultants and research-based trainings to campus.
  • We facilitate "Teachers Teaching Teachers” sessions on campus and encourage teachers and staff to share their expertise beyond our campus.
  • Teachers have access to personal professional development funds for attending targeted conferences, graduate programs, or workshops. 
  • NESA, our regional association across Near East South Asia, sponsors professional development events—conferences and workshops with other educators from schools around the region.

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