MIDDLE school curriculum

Our middle school curriculum seamlessly extends the educational journey begun in elementary school, offering a rich array of subjects and experiences tailored to each student's growth. In addition to English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health & PE, and a World Language requirement, students can explore a diverse range of Electives such as Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Design and Technology.

Each grade level has an embedded service learning unit aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, fostering compassionate global citizens. Furthermore, our curriculum offers students the opportunity to inquiry into our host country's culture, history, natural wonders, and more.

Guided by our Learning Habits—Resourceful, Resilient, Relating, and Reflective—students embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill development, equipping them with the tools for lifelong learning. Our school offers extensive resources for student enrichment, including a comprehensive library collection, access to a variety of technological devices, and a dedicated Makerspace for hands-on exploration and innovation.

Assessment is woven into the fabric of our educational approach, serving to support each student's growth by evaluating their understanding of concepts, acquisition of knowledge, and mastery of skills. This feedback informs our teaching methods, allowing us to tailor instruction to meet the diverse needs of our learners and empower each student to achieve their personal best.

Definition of Learning

At AES, learning is multidimensional:

  • Learners construct deep conceptual understandings.
  • Learners develop high levels of transferable competencies.
  • Learners pursue self-discovery through reflective journeys.
  • Learners apply their knowledge and skills to affect positive changes in larger communities.

Our Learning Principles


Learning is guided by a clear, intentional sense of purpose. Through authentic experiences, we create connections with the past, make meaning in the present, and extend our learning into the future.


Learning is driven by the joy of our natural curiosity through a lifelong process of play, wondering, questioning, exploring, and investigation.


Learning is a personal, social, and emotional experience. Our community is strengthened as we actively develop capacities to learn.


Learning is meaningful when we take ownership of it. Through voice, choice, and self-efficacy, we create paths toward sustained, independent growth.


Learning is enhanced through diversity. Our varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds, life experiences, identities, and individual perspectives empower our unique voices and contribute to our culture of belonging.

Message from the Principal







I’m so thrilled to extend a warm welcome to your family to the Middle School at the American Embassy School. Our community is characterized by its vibrancy and warmth, and we are dedicated to guiding your journey of exploration and growth in alignment with our mission.

Within our Middle School, our staff are committed to fostering a sense of belonging for all learners and members of our community. Through a curriculum based on standards and a dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our students, we aim to nurture their wonders, creativity, and holistic development encompassing social, emotional, and academic dimensions. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to engage in.

Central to our achievements is our collaboration with you to support your students in becoming empathetic global citizens who contribute to the world—our motto is central in everything we do: “Enter to learn. Leave to Serve.”

Through various community events, student performances, after-school programs, cultural festivities, and exceptional teaching, we aim to ensure every student at AES feels seen, heard, and well-known. 

In our joyful pursuit of excellence,

Anthea Clifton

Middle School Principal

Principal’s Biography

Anthea came to AES with 21 years of experience. Before moving to Delhi in 2018, she served as the Middle School Vice Principal at the Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia. She also taught Science/Health at JIS. Her prior overseas experience includes teaching in Sekolah Cita Buana and South Australia. Anthea has a BEd degree in Science, Social Studies, and PE from the University of South Australia. She also has a Master of Education from the University of New England and a Master of Arts from Deakin University.

What learning looks like

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