Middle School

At a time when adolescents are developing a sense of self and discovering possibilities, we empower them to explore, create, reflect and connect.

Middle Schoolers flourish when they are found and seen by others in a culture that holds them to high standards, surrounds them with positive relationships, and offers lots of variety, activity, and relevance. That is how students find themselves in these formative years, and that is what the Middle School delivers at AES.

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Middle Schoolers bring a lot of ‘WOWs’ to the dinner table. Learning should be one of them.

Middle School students will face high stakes opportunities and challenges in the years ahead. However, now we want them to discover what it is like to be alive at school. Alive with questions. Alive with chatter. Alive with languages that inspire them to travel. Alive on the pitch or the court with new levels of skill and intensity. Alive in makerspaces that draw out of the student's new ideas and inventions.

It is their time to fall into the story and discover what learning has to offer and how they do it best. Our program fills our students' days with challenges, action, relationships, high expectations, and high support, setting their course for years to come. It is the right foundation at the right time for the right reasons.

We believe that guiding a child through Middle School is a joint venture between families, teachers, and students. Communication with families is key.

Truly International

The Middle School serves 310 students in Grades 6-8

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AES is a community of learning, helping each other and caring for one another. The middle school has incredible drama, art and dance programs. Amazing classes and all types of electives. All the teachers support us, show us how to figure out solutions to our problems and how to live a good and moral life. Middle school is welcoming and accepts all kids and encourages them to be their true self. Thank you to everyone in our middle school for making it the way it is. 


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More About Middle School at AES

Class Size

Classes have a maximum of 21 students, although many are even smaller than this.

School Essentials


1:1 Technology

We believe that a balanced, authentic, and intentional integration of technology empowers students and faculty and is a driver of innovation at AES.  All middle school students are provided with a laptop for use at school and at home, ensuring each student is working with the same technology and enabling efficient and reliable support from our technology center.   


The AES school year runs from August through the end of May. There is a Winter Break, a Spring Break, and multiple long weekends around both Indian and North American holidays. 

The school day runs from 8:30 am – 3:35 pm (early release on Wednesdays at 2:30 pm).

School Year Calendar