Student Support Services

The American Embassy School is a community of diverse learners. We celebrate the strength in our diversity and are committed to nurturing a culture of belonging. All members of our school community actively support every learner’s academic, social, and emotional growth—AES Inclusive Education Practice Statement

AES Student Support Model and Beliefs

A Team Effort Between Home and School

With a commitment to the growth of all AES students, we strive to support the diverse social-emotional and learning needs of all children. We believe that this support is always best in partnership between home and school. As teachers, parents, and guardians, we have many opportunities to get to know a child’s unique learning approaches, gifts, and challenges. At AES, we're poised to support and challenge a wide diversity of students in one warm, inclusive community. Whether through routine counseling and advising or more intensive support, we want to help your child experience school as their happy place—where they always feel seen, heard, and understood.

Who We Are

A variety of AES teachers and staff members collaborate to support the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral growth of our students: 

  • Pre-K–12 School Psychologist 
  • Counselors 
  • Learning Support Teachers 

  • Learning Support Teacher Assistants 

  • Classroom and Content Teachers 

  • Speech and Language Pathologists

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) Teachers

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) Teacher Assistants

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Principals and Assistant Principals

Who We Serve

  • All students in need of support.

  • All parents in their desire to support their children.

  • Particular needs include: multi-lingual students who need EAL support to succeed in an academic English setting, students with existing educational accommodations, students with ongoing learning and/or social-emotional needs. 

Virtual Open House—Extended Services Program at AES