Student Support Services

The American Embassy School is a community of diverse learners. We celebrate the strength in our diversity and are committed to nurturing a culture of belonging. All members of our school community actively support every learner’s academic, social and emotional growth. AES Inclusive Education Practice Statement

AES learning support model and beliefs

With a commitment to the growth of all AES students, the learning support program strives to support the diverse learning needs of children with identified learning needs so that they may participate fully in AES’ program. Services for AES students in PK-12 are considered individually, developed by highly trained specialists, designed collaboratively with classroom teachers, and delivered in partnership with families.

Who we are

Various roles at AES collaborate to support the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral growth of students.  The following roles support this growth at AES - 

  • Pre-K - 12 School Psychologist 
  • Speech & Language Pathologists
  • Learning Support Teachers 

  • Learning Support Teacher Assistants 

  • Counselors 

  • Classroom / Content Teachers 

  • EAL Teachers

  • EAL Teacher Assistants

  • Principal and Assistant Principal

  • Director of Student Support Services 

Who we serve

  • Multi-lingual students who need more support to study and succeed in English through EAL;

  • Students who need organized support for better or ongoing learning and behavioral needs;

  • You, as you search for continuity of care from a network of exceptional educators and counselors. 

A team effort between home and school

As parents and guardians, a child’s learning approaches, gifts and challenges can both inspire us and humble us. At AES, we want to help your child experience everyday breakthroughs that meet very specific needs. We’re poised to support and challenge a wide range of learners in one warm, inclusive community. As part of honest, supportive teamwork between your home and our AES team, here’s what we can offer through Student Support Services.  

"AES is truly committed to helping every student grow. Teachers are constantly asking questions like How can I best support this student? What strategies will be the most effective? and How can I ensure every student in my class feels that they belong here?" Teachers at AES work together to create an inclusive learning environment where both students and teachers thrive."

David Landis - Director, Student Support Services