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Whether you have calculated every step from kindergarten to your dream university or feel like your journey doesn’t quite add up yet, you can finish well at AES. The sum of your experiences and lessons can be greater than you imagined, and so can you.

A lot of energy goes into chasing goals, relationships, and memories in high school. 

Students juggle a ton in High School—challenging classes, travel for sports and activities, thinking about goals for life after AES, relationships—old and new, and hopefully a self-proclaimed mandate to have fun. In terms of classes, we have something for everyone—there are students who pursue the IB Diploma and others who have just begun our IDI (Institute for Design and Innovation)—but no matter which course you are taking, we live a campus experience that bonds us all together. Whether as individuals or part of a group, we pride ourselves on taking risks outside our comfort zones, on learning something new everyday, and on serving others.

Definition of Learning

At AES, learning is multidimensional:

  • Learners construct deep conceptual understandings.
  • Learners develop high levels of transferable competencies.
  • Learners pursue self-discovery through reflective journeys.
  • Learners apply their knowledge and skills to affect positive changes in larger communities.

Our Learning Principles


Learning is guided by a clear, intentional sense of purpose. Through authentic experiences, we create connections with the past, make meaning in the present, and extend our learning into the future.


Learning is driven by the joy of our natural curiosity through a lifelong process of play, wondering, questioning, exploring, and investigation.


Learning is a personal, social, and emotional experience. Our community is strengthened as we actively develop capacities to learn.


Learning is meaningful when we take ownership of it. Through voice, choice, and self-efficacy, we create paths toward sustained, independent growth.


Learning is enhanced through diversity. Our varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds, life experiences, identities, and individual perspectives empower our unique voices and contribute to our culture of belonging.

Message from the Principal


High school is a dynamic period filled with the pursuit of goals, the development of relationships, and the creation of lasting memories. Here at the American Embassy School, our students navigate a busy and fulfilling life, balancing challenging classes, sports and activities, future aspirations, and friendships both old and new. We also encourage a self-proclaimed mandate to have fun and enjoy these formative years.

Our diverse curriculum offers something for everyone. Students can pursue the rigorous IB Diploma, engage in our innovative Institute for Design and Innovation (IDI), or explore a variety of other academic paths. Regardless of the courses they choose, all students share a vibrant campus experience that unites us as a community. We take pride in encouraging each other to step outside our comfort zones, learn something new every day, and serve others with dedication and empathy.

At High School, our staff are committed to fostering a sense of belonging for all learners and members of our community. We strive to ensure that every student at American Embassy School is well-known and cared for from day one. 

Welcome to an exciting and enriching journey at the American Embassy School High School!

In our joyful pursuit of excellence, 

Iftekhar Syed

High School Principal

Principal’s Biography

Iftekhar joined AES in July 2016 as the High School Assistant Principal and has been the High School Principal since July 2019. Prior to joining AES, he served as the HS Assistant Principal at the American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has a BS in Computer Science from California State University Northridge, an MA in Secondary Education (Math) from California State University Northridge, and an MA in Educational Leadership and Policy from California State University Northridge.

Institute for Design & Innovation

At AES, we're dedicated to nurturing every learner. With a myriad of paths and opportunities, we empower students to broaden their horizons, ensuring they're ready for the jobs of tomorrow—some that haven't even been discovered yet! 

High School Program

AES offers a rigorous university preparatory program which includes the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and some Advanced Placement (AP) options. Grades 9 and 10 provide a foundation for success for both the AES High School Diploma or entry into the IBDP.  Enrollment in IB and AP classes is open to all students.  

The high school operates on an 8-day block schedule with 4 class periods each day.  Most students are enrolled in 7 or 8 classes each semester.

High School Course Catalog

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