Dear HS Students and Parents:

The Course Catalog provides official course registration information to assist in the process of high school course requests for the upcoming school year. This course catalog and the section entitled Frequently Asked Questions will provide all students and families with substantive information to consider during the course request process.

AES has offered the IB Diploma program since 1982, and these offerings continue to evolve, continuing to provide students with a wide array of IB courses for a school our size. Open to rising Grade 11 students, IDI is a new program that empowers students to design personalized pathways to graduation based on individual passions and long-term goals. AES also offers some AP courses and an extensive range of school-based courses, ensuring every student an appropriately challenging pathway to earning a US high school diploma.

The Institute for Design and Innovation (IDI) at AES empowers students to be agents of change and to learn through topics of personal interest and passion. Project-based and experiential learning pedagogies are at the heart of IDI.    Students engage with NGOs and industry leaders as they look for ways to impact their communities and tackle complex problems. Real-world learning, showcasing learning beyond the classroom, and leading teams are part of the IDI experience. Across IDI courses, students develop competency and are assessed in critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration, as well as course-specific knowledge and skills. 

Please read this catalog carefully for all of the background information it provides. Subsequent to that are the all-important conversations involving students, parents, teachers, counselors, the IB/AP Coordinator, and the administration. Be proactive about participating in the discussions regarding course requests. Think about your plans and goals, because the courses you request will contribute significantly to building your future.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Iftekhar Syed.      Derwin Kitch

Principal               Assistant Principal