dream, achieve, succeed: aes's international High School program



“Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.”Rabindranath Tagore

Whether you have calculated every step from kindergarten to your dream university or feel like your journey doesn’t quite add up yet, you can finish well at AES. The sum of your experiences and lessons can be greater than you imagined, and so can you.

A lot of energy goes into chasing goals, relationships, and memories in high school. 

Students juggle a ton in High School—challenging classes, travel for sports and activities, thinking about goals for life after AES, relationships—old and new, and hopefully a self-proclaimed mandate to have fun. In terms of classes, we have something for everyone—there are students who pursue the IB Diploma and others who have just begun our IDI (Institute for Design and Innovation)—but no matter which course you are taking, we live a campus experience that bonds us all together. Whether as individuals or part of a group, we pride ourselves on taking risks outside our comfort zones, on learning something new everyday, and on serving others.

High School Student Voices

Hear our High School Students as they talk about their Journey at AES through these seven short videos.

Why AES?

Service Learning

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As an avid public speaker, AES always had opportunities for me to showcase this passion. Since joining in elementary school, I have acted in school productions, emceed at events, and participated in TEDx talks. More recently, I have been able to take my love of public speaking to a competitive level by participating in Model United Nations conferences as well as Speech and Debate tournaments in high school. Personally, I feel that this is what sets AES apart from other international schools—its commitment towards presenting its students with as many opportunities as possible. Kabir Sethi

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More About High School at AES


Class Size

Classes have a maximum of 21 students, although many are even smaller than this.


1:1 Technology
We believe that a balanced, authentic and intentional integration of technology empowers students and faculty and is a driver of innovation at AES.  All high school students are provided with a MacBook Air for use at school and at home, ensuring each student is working with the same technology and enabling efficient and reliable support from our technology center.   The tech center also has iPads, cameras, and other equipment that high school students can borrow. 


The AES school year runs from August through the end of May. There is a Winter Break, a Spring Break, and multiple long weekends around both Indian and North American holidays. 

The school day runs from 8:30 am – 3:35 pm (early release on Wednesdays at 2:30 pm).

School Year Calendar