The Best Way to Learn

Through hard work and joyful engagement:

  • We value excellence, not perfectionism. We value individual effort and collaboration.
  • We invite each student to bring their unique perspectives. learning styles, interests, and experience.
  • We celebrate this diversity and believe this makes our classrooms fun and dynamic for each and every student.

We are global, and we are local: 

  • With students from over 70 countries, we are always globally minded.
  • Set on a beautiful historic campus, within the bustling urban landscape of New Delhi, we celebrate our host culture and persistently seek local engagement.  

Our students LOVE coming to school. Our parents love that their kids love coming to school. 

We imagine family evenings to be brimming with news of the school days. Days filled with fun, inquiry, exploration, new friendships, and often, ideas about how to make our world an even better place. 

Elementary School

Academic excellence at AES is a given.

Middle School

Middle Schoolers brings a lot of ‘WOWs’ to the dinner table.

High School

Much energy goes into chasing goals, relationships, and memories in high school. 

buildings silhouette
middle school kids