Learn with Us

A Better Way to Learn    

Hard work and joyful learning are wonderful alternatives to the academic anguish many students feel even at the very best schools. Our families value excellence and love how India shines through our school culture, and they can also relax, knowing their children love coming to school. 

Our approach to excellence might not look like it did in school for some, or like it does at other schools. But this is the way we do it. 

We have a vision for each child’s joyful pursuit of excellence and a commitment to many kinds of learners, chasing their potential with respect and dignity.  With Tiger Pride and Delhi pride brimming throughout. With worthy academic achievements won at the highest levels, but with a down-to-earth and understated bearing. With Kindness. Simplicity. Support. Substance. And, all, with a deliberate pursuit of Indian culture, travel, understanding and respect as we embrace a host culture that is fully alive and that seeks to recognize the beauty in each person. 

Elementary School

Academic excellence at AES is a given.

Middle School

Middle Schoolers brings a lot of ‘WOWs’ to the dinner table.

High School

Much energy goes into chasing goals, relationships, and memories in high school. 

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middle school kids