Why Work at AES?

Come to Delhi to Breathe Again

We know. Breathing easy isn’t the first thing people think of when they seriously consider a move to New Delhi, but you might be surprised.

As educators at AES, many of us know what it’s like to be in great schools but still to gasp for things that matter most to us. Things like creativity, joyful excellence, true collegiality, community. We’ve been there, in places on the planet (even places with great reputations) where we were less free to grow and to risk than we had hoped. And less inspired and connected, too.

At AES we gained the oxygen we needed to be great professionals. It’s an Oxygen that comes from a culture of learning and service; from planning time and real teamwork with gifted colleagues we admire; from a serene and uniquely beautiful campus where we live and work together; from real financial reward for great work; all in the high-spirited yet ancient culture of affordable and Incredible India.

There’s so much more to experience and to give. When you fill your lungs with a rare kind of international education, it can change your story for good. We hope you’ll join us, so you can breathe again.

Look here to see the careful measures AES has taken to address real air quality concerns in New Delhi.

”My plan was to come to AES for three years. That turned into five, and it has now been over 10 years. Since my first interview with the leadership, I have felt warmth and that I belong to a community. What’s more, I have experienced phenomenal growth here. Whether it’s trying out new technology in my classroom or taking on a departmental leadership position, the school has supported me every step of the way. Both of my children studied at AES and didn’t let us leave, either! This school becomes your second home.”  Charu G., former Middle School Science teacher 

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