Tuition and Fees



Advance Deposit

New Students:  Once your child/ren has been offered admissions, you need to pay the advance deposit of USD 2,000 within 10 days to secure your child/ren’s spaces (this amount will be offset from the tuition fee).

Current Students ( Re-enrollment ):  Advance Deposit of USD 2,000 is due on June 1st.  A late fee of USD 500 will be charged after June 1st.

U.S. Dollar Payments

Tuition and fees are payable in USD via credit card, direct transfer to our Bank of America account, or check payable in the U.S.  Cash is not accepted for tuition fees.

Indian Rupee Payments

Payment may be made in Indian rupees when approved by the Director of Business and Operations. Payment must be made by check, bank draft, or wire transfer drawn on a New Delhi bank.  AES follows a monthly exchange rate.  Please contact the Business Office for the current rate.

Exchange Rate

AES follows a monthly exchange rate. The exchange rate for USD 1.00 for the current month:

January 2021 : 73.00

This rate is applicable for all payments received in the AES cash office between

January 1 to 31, 2021.

Per AES Board Policy, Tuition fee is payable in US Dollar via checks payable in the US, credit card or a direct transfer to our Bank of America account.

Tuition and Fees SY 2020–21

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Payment Options