About us

Every school makes promises. We give you reason to believe. 

Beyond parents, an inspiring and experienced teacher can be the single most influential person in a child’s life.

This is well-documented, and yet many schools skimp on their recruitment and retention of quality teachers to cut costs and tuition. As a destination school for global, experienced faculty, AES conducts worldwide searches and invests unapologetically in this most critical piece of a child’s formation. It takes big-world preparation for teachers to joyfully pursue learning with students and to ready them for a changing world. We are honored to work alongside these professionals as they deliver what families dream of instead of what they have known and relied on in decades past. Families invest heavily in a child’s education no matter what. So we invest heavily in motivated and fulfilled teachers who contribute to the growth of students in every dimension.  

AES Identity

AES serves Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 students from the United States and other nations. We provide an exceptional American education with an international perspective.

Mission Statement

The American Embassy School provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We enable each student to be an inspired lifelong learner and a responsible, compassionate global citizen.

HS teacher with students on laptops
Teachers and students cheering at soccer game