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Join us this summer ONLINE for a 2 - 4 week program of academic English language instruction for students aged 6-17. 

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The Academic Language Institute (ALI) is a 2 to 4 week program that offers a truly unique approach to summer language learning. Founded by Dr. Mary Catherine Frazier, ALI draws on the latest research-based methods of language acquisition to empower students with the academic skills for the 21st Century.

At ALI, your student will benefit from:

  • more than just an English language camp - we offer academic English instruction taught across multiple disciplines (math, science, and social studies)

  • instruction from a team of highly-qualified educators selected from AES faculty

  • programs specific to the needs of Primary and Secondary students 

Students in the primary or secondary programs can register for the morning group, the afternoon group, or both! Students are also welcome to sign up for Session #1, Session #2, or both! Students registered for multiple groups or sessions will not repeat content. Instead, ALI's innovative programming will allow these students to go deeper with their academic language development through new and engaging thematic material.  

ALI will be 100% ONLINE this summer! The ALI team has adapted it's curriculum to offer a fun, interactive, and rigorous online learning experience. All sessions will be held through Zoom! Please watch this video message from Dr. Mary Catherine Frazier (

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Session 1: May 31 - June 11 
Session 2: June 14 – June 25

Primary program: Morning Group (6-11 years)



Primary program: Afternoon Group (6-11 years)



Secondary program: Morning Group (12-17 years)



Secondary program: Afternoon Group(12-17 years)




  • Primary and Secondary Program Fee: $500 ($450 for online program)

  • Please note that this fee is the cost for registering for one group in one session (i.e. 30 hours of intensive language instruction).

  • The total cost for a student will depend on the number of groups and sessions they sign up for. For example, if a student registers for both the morning and afternoon groups in Session #1, the total cost will be $1,000.

AES Academic Language Institute Leadership

Dr. Catherine Frazier, Director of the AES Academic Language Institute. Dr Frazier is responsible for AES ALI curriculum and program design. She holds a PhD in Socio-Anthropology and Multicultural Education and two Master’s Degrees, MATESL, MATL in teaching English to speakers of other languages

Michael Kim,  Co-Director of the AES Academic Language Institute. Mr. Kim is part of the AES Middle School faculty as the 6th grade EAL teacher. He hold a Masters in Public Administration and brings over 10 years of experience creating educational programming for youth around the world. 



ALI will strictly follow all of AES's COVID guidelines and protocols to help ensure the safety and well-being of all learners and the school community.