Slowing down enough to understand people who are different from us is hard, but it is a life skill that sets us up to play and work successfully with others. Somehow, we want to achieve in peace, competing and excelling among the like-minded. But, for the rest of our lives we will work with people who sharpen us through their differences. It’s often not the work or our intelligence or knowledge that defeats us, it’s our ability to ‘do group work', to collaborate with minds and personalities and cultures that differ from our own. AES takes that challenge seriously and builds a world that will make our children better citizens and people for the rest of their lives because of it. 

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Living In India

Dream destination for thousands of expatriates, India is one of the world's most ancient civilizations. As a developed and highly industrialized country, it attracts foreign professionals and students in large numbers every year, providing several opportunities.

On moving to India, you will also discover an unparalleled historical and cultural wealth, alongside ancient traditions within a multiethnic society.

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AES holds a special place in the memories of graduates, past students, and former faculty members.  Whether you spent one year or ten at AES you share a special bond with thousands of alumni spanning the globe, and we want you to stay connected to the School and to our ever growing community of alumni worldwide. No matter how long your stay, we hope your days at AES were happy ones.

Once a tiger, always a tiger!

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Parent School Association

Parent involvement at AES is welcomed and encouraged. Many opportunities are organized through the school’s Parent School Association (PSA). The PSA is an active, engaged group of parent volunteers, dedicated to supporting AES students, faculty and staff, and the parent community. We encourage everyone to join us at some point during the year, to partake of the energy and dynamism of the AES community.

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