Service Learning

Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.

AES Motto

India is a profound place to learn to serve. By the time our students leave or graduate, they have walked the streets of Delhi, experienced the gift of the stranger, built local friendships, worked with humanitarian organizations and gathered the capacity to act, reflect, share and to care for the real needs of others.

At AES reputation hinges on meaningful service and student initiative.

From our start in 1952, our students have given AES a reputation for service and care. It’s a beautiful thing to see them bear their achievements with grace in the local community and as alumni. Our high school students see and know the needs of local people and organizations in Delhi. Their growing outreach and organizational skills let us confidently delegate our volunteer service program to their leadership. They own it, and they deserve to be known for a culture of service and generosity that follows them from the early years into their adult lives. 

Enter to learn, leave to serve is our motto. 

Community Service is an integral part of this and over the years it has become increasingly more important at AES.

AES Service during Covid19

Community Service at AES

Month of Hope

Service Highlights

  • Blind Relief Volunteers are making audio books.
  • PAWS is working on zoom training for students on how to treat animals.
  • Teach India is working with the NGO Chintan, teaching 32 underprivileged children every week via zoom.
  • Hope Foundation members are making a video that is health related (mental health, COVID-19) to send out to Tigri students.
  • Rights for Children members are creating games and worksheets to share with children of the Sanjay camp.
  • Reach Out members are preparing biweekly paper booklets to be handed to kids at the Vivekanand camp.
  • Tamana members are creating videos for tutorials on basic life skills to be shared with the Tamana school kids.

COVID-19 hasn't stopped service at AES

Project Seva

The plan was as follows: contact the NGOs that our high school service clubs closely work with on a regular basis, assess the needs of the students, children, families, and animals we are all so fond of, and understand what we can do during this uncertain situation to assist them. Through consultation with student leaders of the 12 service clubs, 6 NGOs situations and needs were assessed to maximize the potential impact we could incite. From masks to soaps to food, we looked to provide the fundamentals that many are lacking. Eventually, this culminated into a provision of goods that reached approximately 3,000 people in need. 

Hope Worldwide India Yearly Report Tigri School 2019-20

First page of the PDF file: HOPEworldwideIndiayearlyreportTigriSchool2019-20