Mission Statement

AES provides an extensive activities program which complements and supports our academic program by teaching students to persevere, work with others, and to challenge themselves through the spirit of fair play and cooperation.

Athletics & Activities



ASIAC and MESAC activities for MS and HS students.


Local games played


Activities for ES students per quarter.


HS Student-led clubs

Participants in AES Activity and Athletic programs develop:

  • skills, knowledge and meaningful life experiences
  • self-esteem and self-concept
  • self-efficacy and team/group efficacy
  • personal and social responsibility
  • respect for self and respect for others
  • ability to work cooperatively with others to improve individual and team/group performance
  • opportunities to participate in multiple season programs
  • opportunities to serve others in the AES community, New Delhi, India and the broader world 
  • overall wellness

Participants in AES Activities and Athletics are:

  • Ambassadors of our community and our school
  • Masters of Craft: Arts, Academics, Activities or Athletics
  • Standard bearers of Respect: Sportsmanship and Fair Play
Cross country team stretching together

Programs and Associations

We offer a wide and diverse range of co-curricular program opportunities to challenge each child to learn, grow and develop.  AES Athletics and Activities tie directly to the school mission that propels students toward the joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service.  Built upon the goal of developing life long skills and supporting important youth development goals, AES provides each student with the chance to participate and contribute to activity and athletic opportunities in elementary, middle and high school.  The broad range of programs include team and individual sports, after school clubs and activities, arts and service.  

Character and leadership development are the cornerstones of AES Activities and Athletics.  Whether it’s performing with other students on stage, addressing real community issues through one of our many service learning programs or contributing as a valuable member of an AES Tiger Athletic Team, the energy and spirit of positive youth development are evident every day on campus or out in our broader community of New Delhi, India or other parts of the world. 

Go Tigers!!!