We don’t drive buses; we drive children.

Their safety and your confidence guide our everyday transportation decisions. 

The American Embassy School has contracted with the best transport service provider, keeping in mind the safety and convenience of our students.

The school has a fleet of air-conditioned buses providing service to most neighborhoods in New Delhi and Gurugram. 

Each school bus has a designated Bus Monitor to supervise the bus during the route. Bus Monitors ensure student safety on board the bus, take attendance, and assist in boarding and exiting.

There are three convenient afternoon bus timings to accommodate after school activities. Every bus has air filtration units and operates on compressed natural gas (CNG)

school bus safety features
happy children getting onto the school bus

Our convenient app - "SAFETRAX" provides guardians with:

  • Pickup and drop off time of your child
  • Bus and driver details
  • Live tracking of school bus location
  • Confirmation of your child's boarding and deboarding
  • SMS proximity alert within 1km radius of pickup/drop-off location
  • Ability to contact the bus attendant through the app.


Approximately 1/3 of our students take the bus daily

We have 3 convenient bus timings to accommodate after school activities

The average bus ride from Gurugram is 45 minutes