Health Office

AES health office

We work hard to ensure that all of our AES community members—students, faculty, staff, and parents—are safe and healthy.

Proactive policies and guidelines around health and safety.

Daily holistic care of community members.

Education about the concept of lifelong wellness

Our Health Services Team works in partnership with administrators, parents, faculty, counselors, and students, and always within the context of our celebrated cultural diversity.

Our campus Health Office is staffed by a team of health care professionals that is committed to delivering high quality medical and nursing care to our AES community in the following ways:

  • First aid and emergency care 

  • Crisis preparedness

  • Health education related to preventable diseases and local communicable illness

  • Immunization consultations and support

  • Referral to quality community health care services

  • Child protection

Living in India presents unique health and wellness considerations. Below is some information on several health topics you may want to be informed of prior to your arrival in India.