Air Quality Index ( AQI )

AES is leading the way in indoor air quality improvement for students, faculty and the community.

AES has about 50 multi-layer filtration systems and more than 100 air quality monitors which record air quality and alert the facilities management team when the air quality declines. AES started installing forced air ventilation systems in August 2015. These multi-layer filtration systems improve air quality by 70% of the outside air quality readings and often much higher.

Our air handling systems provide excellent indoor air quality and help with maintaining a healthy environment. We are seeking additional methods to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including in our isolation room where the air systems will be independent from the full system.

AES Air Quality Guidelines

AES has a policy that is pro-activity and we review air quality data in a conservative manner. We will allow outside activity on a regular basis up to an AQI rating of 300 for middle and high school students and 200 for elementary school students.

We believe that:

  1. Activity is necessary for us all – children, young adults and adults – and inactivity presents potential behavioral and health-related problems;
  2. The majority of individuals and families expect that the school delivers a high-quality physical education and athletics program to students;
  3. Since teachers, advisers, and coaches know their students well, they will make decisions regarding the general level of activity of their students and the particular level of participation of individual students based on those students’ medical histories;
  4. Families have the right to request that their students not participate in aerobic activities, or go outside for recess or classes.

Link to Air Quality Data