AES Community - Covid Task Force


With recent surge of Covid cases in Delhi, the AES Community - Covid Task Force Team will provide support to its staff and contractors (and immediate family members) to ensure that suspected Covid cases are being reported and handled proactively, and that Covid protocols are being followed. 

By providing Covid kits, awareness sessions and weekly check-ins, medical advice resource assistance and psychological support, the ultimate aim of the AES Covid Task Force to protect the health and safety of staff, prevent the spread and promote vaccination.

The AES Covid Task Force consists of a team of AES senior administration, AES staff, doctors and parent volunteers. Funding will be provided through donations from the AES community.


Timely Covid diagnosis and care to prevent the spread and protect staff
  • Provide a Covid Kit to all staff (consisting of oximeter, thermometer, masks, home test kits and sanitizer)
  • Online Covid Awareness session in local language

  • Weekly online check-ins where staff can ask questions

  • Awareness session for parents and faculty on what they can do to help

  • 24x7 Hotline number

  • Assistance with doctor consults, medicines and facilities (when needed)

  • Assistance in isolation (when needed)

  • Assistance with essential items (when needed)

  • Encourage all staff to get timely vaccination

  • Assist in scheduling their vaccination if necessary

Oxygen Concentrator Bank 

AES Community - Covid Task Force Team 

Roopi Saran, AES Parent

Dr. Pratiksha Somaia, AES Parent and Physician

Anjali Bissell, AES Board Member

Andrew Torris - Director

Nada Collins -  Deputy Director

Ylva Kovacs, Director of Admissions

Rishabh Kothari, Director of Business and Operations

Dr. Kiro, School Physician

Pippa White, Health Services Coordinator

Sarabjeet Kaur, Facilities Manager

Alfons Madoc, HR Manager

Czaee Chagla, Marketing and Communications Manager

Jeenu Kaul, Executive Secretary (Elementary School)

Jasraj Gill - Procurement Specialist

Donor Report

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Middle and High School Strings Department Students Present:

A homage to members of our AES Community, their families, and the rest of India who have lost their lives during the Pandemic.

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